Friday, October 14, 2011

Can the iPhone 4S's Siri tell me where Aunt Bee is buried?

Nick and I went to the Apple store today and bought an iPhone 4S. The Siri voice-recognition feature is of particular interest. We're going to test Siri's ability to answer questions about Southern culture and history.

Siri already answered our first question correctly: "How many presidents were born in Virginia?" The answer: eight. She had to look it up on the Internet, but then again, so would I.

Over the next few days, these are the Southern-themed questions we plan to ask Siri:

* Where is the closest Piggly Wiggly?

* Is Texas considered part of the South or not?

* What do you do with a cat on a hot tin roof?

* Who played the Tarleton twins in the movie Gone With the Wind?

* What is the difference between country-style steak and chicken-fried steak?

* Where is Aunt Bee buried?

* Would you like some more sweet tea?

* Is the hot light on at Krispy Kreme?

If you have any Southern culture/history questions for Siri, let me know and I'll tell you what she says.

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  1. Is barbecue better wet or dry?
    How do you pronounce pecan?

  2. How far north can you grow okra?

    Where are the best places to shag?

    Where is Yoknapatawpha County?

  3. Did the stars really fall on Alabama?

    If so, where are the craters?

    Team Bo or team Luke?

    Is there anything better than shrimp and grits?

  4. Is there anything hotter than "two squirrels screwin' in a wool sock"?

  5. I'd, too, would be interested to see if Siri thinks Texas is part of the South. And for humorous reasons, if she'd like some sweet tea!

    How do you like 4s? I am thinking of finally craving and getting me an iPhone.

    Questions for Siri:
    Who started the feud: the Hatfields or McCoys?
    What's the difference between Texas bbq and Memphis bbq?
    How do you make a mint Julep?
    Where's the closest branch?


    What do we push our groceries around in?

  7. Why do Southerners say "Bless her heart" before or after they gossip about/slander somebody?

    What's that shade of lipstick Aunt Bea always wears?

    What are Chit-lins? And why is Wal Mart selling them

  8. I enjoyed your blog! I used to live in SF too but now I'm down in SM because the rents got too expensive. I'd like to know some of those answers too and such good questions! I'm a Northern girl but my relatives lived in the South and I always like to visit there. I sure can identify and I remember piggy wiggly's too! Come visit me sometime and yes I am a Follower now. ♥

  9. I love your blog and am now a new follower. I'm in OC, but I spend a lot of time in Hilton Head and Savannah. I'm really enjoying your posts.

    Stop by for a visit real soon...


  10. Questions for Siri (from Columbia, SC):
    --How do you make boiled peanuts?
    --Why is is "hamburger meat" and not just "hamburger"?
    --Pin? Pen? Ink pen? Why?
    --License plate or license tag?
    --What are collards?
    --What is "y'all" short for?

  11. Try This..

    Siri " Who's your Daddy ? " I once saw a guy posting a review and askin this Question... She Replies " You are " :P

    But Seriously, Siri is one giant leap for Apple... It's really Awesome...

  12. This post is great. Im a very new resident to the south and slowly but surely Il get used to "yall" instead of "you guys"!

  13. Brilliant!
    How close is the closest Hoodoo practitioner?