Saturday, February 11, 2012

State Fair Foods - Hey, That Pound of Butter Really Looks Like You!

"What would you like for dinner tonight, sweetie?"

"Oh, I don't know. Something simple. How about a Krispy Kreme cheeseburger?"

"With fried Coke?"

"You betcha. And for dessert..."

"Deep-fried Twinkies!"

"Took the words right out my mouth!"

I don't know if such a conversation has ever occurred. I certainly hope so, and preferably, it was between two elegantly attired people in the back of a long black limousine.

The aforementioned delicacies are what's known as "state fair food," which, if it isn't indigenous to the South, has certainly been perfected there. My sister Mimi, who writes a delightful blog entitled Messy Mimi, forwarded some links about state fair food to me recently, after she read my blog posts about Paula Deen.

Strictly in the spirit of research, I visited a few web sites and blogs Mimi recommended. Among the things I discovered:

* Chicken-fried bacon -- an award winner at the Texas state fair.

* A deep-fried latte (another award contender at the Texas state fair), which is actually a fried pastry topped with cappuccino ice cream, instant coffee powder, caramel sauce, and whipped cream.

* A butter bust. Just in case you haven't completely turned into fat after eating these foods, you can have a bust made of yourself in butter at the Minnesota state fair. 

I've not been to a state fair in years, though I've certainly overindulged in the calorie department from time to time. (The recent dinner of lasagna sandwich, chocolate cake and ice cream comes to mind.) What's the biggest calorie bomb you've consumed, and why on Earth did you do such a thing to your poor body? Please share your stories. Defibrillators are standing by. 

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  1. That's got to be camping at a festival - anything that's left in the cupboard and non-perishable. Custard for breakfast, Pot Noodle and lots of biscuits for lunch followed by the cheapest thing at the festival for evening meal-potatoes mashed with cheese until the whole thing resembles Richard Dreyfuss' sculpture in'Close Encounters' and lies like a lead weight in your stomach for 2 weeks after you get home. Finally, with an eye on civilisation, brushing your teeth with bourbon and coke.

  2. What's next? One of Minnie's "special" chocolate pies (re "The Help), deep fat fried? Imagine if Miss Hilly ate one of those!

  3. Just reading this gave me heartburn. Got any deep fried Tums?

  4. Get ready....

    Tip: as you enter the CalExpo grounds, buy a ticket for the monorail. As you ride overhead, you can check out the most egregious fairfood excesses. Get off the monorail and make your choice. After all, why waste calories and stomach space on a mere funnel cake when there are all manner of deep fried curiousities available?

  5. I shoved a whole piece of Kentucky Pie from McAlister’s into my mouth once on a $5 bet. I can’t even look at one any more.

  6. I recently tried a little bit of everything at Buca di Peppo Italian Restaurant while visiting my cousin in San Diego.

    And you think, well that's not so bad...but they have a lot of food and I seriously ate a little bit of EVERYTHING!!! Let me tell ya, I did not sleep a wink all night! Tums, Alka Seltzer, Bicarbonate of Sode...nothing did the trick. I swore to myself that I wasn't going to eat ever again, yet the next day I went to a bbq contest and ate Ribs and macaroni salad, and cheesecake stuffed strawberries!!! Then the next day I had Chilaquiles for breakfast. OMGosh...just typing this has made me sick to my stomach yet again.

    Hey, my little brother makes Spaghetti Burritos! That's his invention and his kids grew up on them! Carbs will be the death o'us!

    Fried coke?? Surely you jest?