Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tupac Shakur or Bette Davis? I Vote for Bette

On Sunday night, the late Tupac Shakur performed "live" in concert with Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Resurrecting the rapper, who died in 1996 after being shot in Las Vegas, was accomplished by special digital effects from Digital Domain, the company that made Brad Pitt look old and ugly in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Tupac's likeness was projected onto a piece of glass on the concert stage, which then bounced the image onto a Mylar screen. Apparently, the effect was awesome: Through technological magic, Tupac was alive and well and singing to his fans once again.

My first thought was: Look at those abs. Tupac should've changed his name to Sixpac.

Sixpac Shakur

Then I thought: Who else would I like to see, digitally resurrected from the dead and interjected into a live performance?

Bette Davis, for starters. Let's say you're watching a Broadway play, and there's a scene in which two pretentious characters start speaking French to one another. Suddenly, in vivid black and white, there's Bette Davis, as Margo Channing in All About Eve, quipping "Enchante to you, too!" That would perk the audience up.

Bette Davis in All About Eve
In fact, you could make a hologram Bette Davis a recurring gag on Broadway. Audiences would never know when or where Bette might appear and make a bitchy remark. In Death of a Salesman, now running on Broadway, Bette from The Little Foxes could suddenly materialize and say coldly to Philip Seymour Hoffman: "I hope you die. I hope you die soon. I'll be waiting for you to die."

Or how about this? Immediately after a love scene in a play, suddenly there's Bette from Of Human Bondage, shrieking contemptuously: "After ya kissed me, I always used to wipe my mouth! WIPE MY MOUTH!"

I'll say it first: hologram Bette Davis = viral sensation. 

Some other late, great, dearly missed performers I'd love to see 'live' on stage, in no particular order:

* John Gielgud, from Arthur

John Gielgud

* Dixie Carter, from Designing Women

Dixie Carter

* Marty Feldman, from Young Frankenstein

Marty Feldman

* Madeleine Kahn, from any movie she ever made

Madeleine Kahn

* Edward G. Robinson, from any movie he ever made but particularly Key Largo

Edward G. Robinson

* Joan Crawford, in her circus performing drag from Berserk! Imagine Joan suddenly popping up in a Cirque du Soleil show.

Joan Crawford in Berserk!

Your turn. Which performer(s) would you love to see resurrected again on stage?

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  1. As the vampire KING from "True Blood" said when he saw Sookie's light......


    What a great idea. It is wonderful living inside your head young man.


  2. why restrict it to the theater....I say during a state of the Union address, Bette appears behind President Obama and addresses The speaker of the House and says, (from Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte)....."What the Hell ya think I invited ya here for? Cumpny?

    1. Or just have one to hang out with you all day. I could go for a little encouragement as I go about my daily routine.

    2. Theaterdog, your comment made me laugh out loud. LOVE IT!

      AKA Jane Random, I'd love to have a Bette Davis hanging out with me all day, but I'd use her as my personal pit bull...

  3. Oh, of all those listed, Bette Davis, for sure. Man, she scares the heckfire out of me.

    As I read this, I didn't realize that Dixie Carter had died. Well, I think I knew that, but forgot. That reminded me of a great, but a bit creepy site for just this occasion: http://www.deadoraliveinfo.com/

    I would like BD to come help me at work. I think she could whip some folks into shape in no time.

  4. All good examples James! The possibilities are almost endless!

  5. My choice would be Joan Crawford, delivering one of her slaps from any movie she made in the 1940's and 1950's. But wait! My wish has come true. Watch Joan (on Youtube) smack Rick Santorum everytime he opens his mouth.

    1. Paul, thanks for letting me know about Joan smacking Rick Santorum. I'll go look for that on YouTube now. Sounds like a hoot!

  6. Dick Clark is probably too obvious and has already been done....How about Marilyn Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor?

  7. Hi! I just happened upon your blog and found it very interesting! The Tupac resurrection was certainly amazing and perhaps even a little creepy. But if I could pick someone, I would love to see Michael Jackson back from his heyday (certainly not from the later, tumultuous years). Or watching Jimi Hendrix perform again...oh, the possibilities are endless!

    If you get a chance, please check my lifestyle blog at www.urbanmantra.blogspot.com.

    1. Hi Urban Mantra, I like your blog and am now following it. Thanks for letting me know.