Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Southerner in San Francisco is on Twitter

I'm writing or contributing to a total of six blogs, four Facebook pages, several YouTube channels (I've lost count), one Tumblr blog, two Google+ profiles, one LinkedIn page, and three Twitter streams. I've started pinning goofy stuff on Pinterest, and I've also started a blog; or did I just dream that?

I'm beginning to feel like a contestant on one of those grocery shopping game shows. Let's see how many items I can put in my cart before the buzzer sounds!

Nonetheless, the other day I had a fabulous idea: Start a new Twitter account! Yes, that's what's been missing from my life.

And so, if by some tiny chance you haven't had enough of my ramblings and ruminations, A Southerner in San Francisco is now on Twitter. It's already on Facebook, too.

On Twitter, my goal is to share goofy, offbeat things I encounter in San Francisco, of which there is no shortage of material. Like the naked guys who hang out by the Creme Brulee cart, for starters. I'll also tweet about Southern food, culture, and quirky characters. Like the woman I saw on the treadmill at a gym in Greensboro, her hair fully coiffed and sprayed, her face completely (and overly) made up, her perfume wafting into my nostrils. She turned to me at one point and complained that the treadmill had no ashtray. I believe she was joking. I wasn't entirely sure.

That's the kind of Earth-moving insights to expect. I hope you'll join me--and share the goofy stuff you encounter, too.

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  1. Jim,

    I just started my first Twitter account. I have three Blogger blogs and just started a Word Press blog, which I find isn't all that user friendly. I know whereof you speak.

  2. We know who that was.......Hillary!

  3. You had me at creme brulee cart. See you on the Twitter.

  4. i got dizzy just reading about all your accounts! that would not work for me at this point--i am the type of guy who is constantly taking things away...simplifying. i do not follow anyone on twitter. i have one blog, and no intention of ever doing twitter, though i hear that if i ever get a literary agent they will MAKE me tweet in order to drum up interest. whatever! but it sounds like you have a lot to say. i do enjoy reading this blog, especially since it gives me a sense of being in the city as a transplant, which is what i will hopefully be by next year. -tony

  5. That is a lot of blogging! I can barely keep up with one....